Bagheera is home!!!

Bagheera is home!!!

Wow, what a trip!  Other than a couple hours shopping at the outlet mall in Jeffersonville (yay for Pottery Barn) and a few stops for food etc, we were on the road for nineteen hours.  Robert did all the driving and was amazing but so were Chrystal and Jeanne, it it weren't for their fantastic generosity we would have had to add at least ten more hours to the trip.

Bagheera was a dream in the car.  As soon as we left wonderful Jeanne's house we opened up his carrier and let him come out if he wanted.  He was a little timid at first but quickly acclimated and spent most of the journey either reclining on the back seat or lying upside down on my lap doing happy paws in the air! 

Sadly this comfortable behavior evaporated when we got home and he spent most of Sunday under the bed hiding.  I have never had a cat hide before so this was highly distressing for me.  Thankfully Ben came to the rescue and sat outside his door that evening cooing which lured him out from under the bed.  Bagheera sat quite relaxed by the door and chatted back to Ben.
can you see Ben's paw under the door?
I'm hoping that Bagheera will soon realize that this is a safe, happy place and that there is no need for him to hide or be frightened!

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