White Wednesday/100th Post

White Wednesday/100th Post

I was inspired by a post on Mishkat's blog this past Monday.  This is the quote that got me thinking "Actually, Dobby is almost always sleeping. We have about 100 photos of him on this quilt and they all look exactly the same." 

I have so many pictures of Casper sleeping that sometimes I have to make a concerted effort to find a shot of him awake for the blog.  I especially like the following series of pictures taken two years ago.  They are all of Casper sleeping on his favourite blanket of the moment and look identical, but were all taken on different days!

Slumber Boy
Sultan of Snooze
The Nap-O-Matic
In Repose
The Feline Pretzel
Dream Boat
Hey folks, guess what?  This is my 100th post!!!  I've had such fun blogging about my babies these last seven months and making so many new friends; feline and human alike.  I want to thank eveyone for welcoming me and my kitties into the wonderful CB community :-)

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