Weird Wednesday

Weird Wednesday

I know we've talked before about Jimmy's unusual tail, how is curls and twists and he likes to wear it in a bun is more like a primate tail than a cat's tail.

Well, I present you with some further photographic evidence...

Here are Ben and Jimmy sitting on the back perch catching some good window wiffies...note Ben on the left and his normal tail position wrapped around his body.

Now look at Jimmy with his crazy prehensile lemur tail curled around the perch holding on!

Here is the super extreme close up...look away kitties if it's too much for you.  Are there any others out there with tail issues???

- Best Birthday Cake Ever!!!!
Hi friends, we had a little soiree on Saturday night to celebrate my 50th birthday.  I wanted to share some pictures of my cake with you because it was amazing and I know that my fellow bloggers and lovers of all things feline could appreciate it...

- Tuxie Tuesday
Ben can be a naughty boy sometimes... Here he is playing with Archie's tail. Archie does a double take to see what Ben is up to. Jimmy looks on and says "you are crazy brother!" Ben takes no notice and continues to play. Dad lends a hand (literally)...

- Black Cat Friday
Hey kids Kip here to tell you about Black Cat Appreciation Day!!! House Panther Kip As you can tell I am a black cat, from the tip of my nose, noseto the bottom of my paw pads, toesto the end of my tail tailI am black and beautiful!!!...or at least that...

- Funny Friday
Sometimes I just get the urge to do something different with my hair... french twist?or chignon?Mum's note:  Is this not the funniest picture?  I've never had a cat in my life who did the things with his tail that Jimmy does...he's...

- Zoom Groom Love!!!
Hi kitties, we got a zoom groom last weekend and the cats are crazy for it!  I love it when Mum zooms my fluffy tail!Now I should mention that Casper has always loved to be brushed and Furminator-ed, Ben was less enthusiastic but tolerated it...