Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday

No this isn't the world's largest cat bed...this is Rio's dog bed, it is in our sunroom by the back door.  I may have mentioned before that we come and go mostly through the back door.

When we returned from our walk the other day Kip was here in Rio's bed waiting for a cuddle....not a cuddle from ME mind you, but a cuddle from Rio.  They are great pals :-)

- Tuesday Twosome
It's Casper and Ben, the two elder statescats of the household. It's been a while since I've seen them have a cuddle together. They were inseparable when Ben was a youngster. Even though they are mature mancats now, they're still pals...

- Dona Nobis Pacem
We are joining bloggers around the world today and taking part in the 2011 BlogBlast for Peace. We want to thank our wonderful friends from Clooney's Num Num Fund, for making our great badge!  Tiri and Archie cuddle for peace :-)...

- Tuxie Tuesday
I am usually a daddy's boy, but sometimes a tuxie mancat just needs a cuddle with his mum... even if mum is on her side and I have to lie on her bony hip! Wow her plaid shorts are really loud!!! That's better, when mum lies on her back I can get...

- A Tuxie Secret
Shall I tell you a secret about Ben…whisper it quietly in your ear? He is a VERY sensitive boy and he has a very precious spot in my heart because of that.  Ben is emotional and at times his little face is so expressive it makes my heart...

- Circus Cat?
The other day before Robert and I left for work, we were just finishing up our lattes in the kitchen when we heard a strange noise in the sunroom; a sort of claws-against-wood scrabbling sound. I glanced at Robert and said “what are they up to now”?...