Tuxie Tuesday

Tuxie Tuesday

Oh hi everyone, you caught me having my bath.

I think there is still some grass stuck between my toes from my picnic yesterday with my beautiful ladycat Clemmie.

We ran and played all day, sang songs and catnapped in the warm sunshine, it was just great :-)

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- Tired Tuxie Tuesday
Oh hi kids, is it Tuxie Tuesday already?  I'm afraid I don't have a post prepared because I was out all day yesterday playing with my beautiful girlfriend Clemmie at her house. So let me just think for a moment what I should post about today......

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Hi there kitties, I'm doing my high wire act on the upstairs banister.  My mum hates it when I do this, but I want my beautiful Clementine to know what a brave mancat I am. Hi Clemmie, I'm up here!  Do you want to come over and play?...

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