Thursday in the Garden

Thursday in the Garden

I thought I'd join in with the gardening kitties out there.  I'm afraid my garden is woefully neglected at the moment.  It's been too hot lately to do any serious work outdoors but I did manage to take a few pictures of things that have survived the heatwave.  So here is a cat's-eye view.
Casper and Ben Supervise
Day Lilies
Black Eyed Susan
I just love my Ferns
Pee Gee Hydrangea that I planted last year seems to be coming along
A valiant effort from my Asian Lily that was decimated this year by nasty red beetles
Purple Coneflower
Well that's it for my first garden post, just a few pictures until something else grows :-) We are supposed to have a few cooler days this weekend so hopefully I can give it some of the attention it so desperately needs.

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- Mia Day
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- Thursday In The Garden
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- Thursday In The Garden
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