Swirling Revisited

Swirling Revisited

Back in March of 2010 when I had just started blogging and didn't know about the CB or have any friends or followers yet I wrote a post called "Swirling" which nobody read.  I'm going to re-post it now because I was reminded of it when we were just away on holiday and my sister was staying at the house to look after my darlings.  I would ring her and ask how the boys were doing, she would reply "there was swirling when I got home today." :-)

Swirling (3.26.2010)

Is anyone else familiar with this phenomenon? I imagine it is more obvious in multiple cat households but it can certainly be experienced with just one cat. I love it when cats swirl and when my cats do it all at the same time there is no better feeling. Swirling is decidedly pronounced first thing in the morning or when one arrives home after some absence. It is the whirl of cats around your legs. Trusting, upturned faces and tails aloft they seem to be one continuous curving, twisting line, of purring cat form. It is the best welcome home after a crappy day, and the most cheerful start to any morning. Swirling is acceptance, support, love, validation and optimism all rolled into one delightful gesture.

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