Mancat Monday x4

Mancat Monday x4

Real mancats enjoy window wiffies together :-)

and unmade beds - LOL!!!

- Casper And The Vacuum Part Ii
Hi Kids, I don't know if you recall last Mancat Monday mum told you about my new grooming experience with the vacuum but we didn't have any pictures.  Well, the next time mum was cleaning she had the camera in her pocket just in case...

- Weird Wednesday
I know we've talked before about Jimmy's unusual tail, how is curls and twists and he likes to wear it in a bun is more like a primate tail than a cat's tail. Well, I present you with some further photographic evidence... Here...

- Mancat Monday - Jimmy
For today's post I made my very first slide show with music on PowerPoint of Archie and Casper sharing a little mancat love.  As some of you know I am a bit of a computer dunce so I was very proud of myself.  However this was a short lived...

- Mancat Monday
Real mancats hold hands... Casper and JimmyIs that not the cutest thing?...

- Mancat Tuesday
Well we missed mancat Monday because we happily joined the birthday postings for a dear friend in the CB.  However, I very much wanted to post these cute pics of Archie and Jimmy so I've just bumped mancat Monday to Tuesday. I don't...