Mancat Monday

Mancat Monday

Casper and Benjamin conclude some mancat business in the upstairs hallway with a handshake pawshake.

"We'll talk more when the market opens..."

- True Love Tuesday
Hi Friends, Archie here.  Monday was the anniversary of the day I asked lovely Miss Tiri (Neytiri) from Clooney's Num-Num Fund to be my special Ladycat. Mum already had a post scheduled for yesterday so I had to wait until today to tell all...

- Casper And The Vacuum Part Ii
Hi Kids, I don't know if you recall last Mancat Monday mum told you about my new grooming experience with the vacuum but we didn't have any pictures.  Well, the next time mum was cleaning she had the camera in her pocket just in case...

- Tuxie Tuesday - Ben Shows Off For Clemmie
Hi there kitties, I'm doing my high wire act on the upstairs banister.  My mum hates it when I do this, but I want my beautiful Clementine to know what a brave mancat I am. Hi Clemmie, I'm up here!  Do you want to come over and play?...

- Calling All Ladycats
All the talk about Casper and Ben's girlfriends this week made Archie start to think.  He does not have a  ladycat in his life and now that he is almost two (next month we guesstimate) and a mature mancat he feels it is time to find that...

- Mancat Monday - Jimmy
For today's post I made my very first slide show with music on PowerPoint of Archie and Casper sharing a little mancat love.  As some of you know I am a bit of a computer dunce so I was very proud of myself.  However this was a short lived...