Christmas with Cats

Christmas with Cats

I would never opt not to have cats in my life, but my gosh sometimes they are a challenge!  I was just wondering how Christmas will play out this year with both Archie AND Jimmy experiencing it for the first time.  We always have a real tree and it starts out beautifully decorated.  Then slowly as if by magic the decorations move to the top half of the tree leaving the bottom as unadorned as mother nature made it. In past years this magical migration was caused by my so called mature cats, Casper and Ben.  Who knows what will happen with a five and fourteen month old added to the mix. 
Casper is such a good sport!
A couple of weeks ago I lobbed the idea to Robert about maybe not having a tree this year. After all our little beach house gets very crowded when all the family is over and maybe no tree would be helpful for space management?  NOT...Robert wasn't having any of that.  So I am thinking that maybe this year I will just decorate our tree with twinkle lights and a star; sort of a minimalist theme.  Perhaps a beautiful, fat velvet ribbon wrapped around it for a pop of red and voila "kitten-proof Christmas"!  I'll let you know how it works out, but in the meantime I would welcome any suggestions :-)
But who will wear the santa coat this year?
I would like to thank Judi from Sammy and Andy's Place for making a beautiful Christmas card for my kitties to exchange with their friends.  This is our first Christmas in the CB and we would have felt terribly left out without her generous help.  You Rock Judi!!!  Please feel free to grab our card for your sidebar if you are exchanging ecards :-)

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